Vorghuryn Trading Co


Ostensibly this house trades in a variety of commodities, exporting fine drow crafted goods, such as spider silk garments and jewelry, importing more exotic goods for sale in Menzoberranzan. That may be how it was founded, but the reality now is quite different. Over 150 years ago, a drow merchant named, Ghuanril’vyr, a merchant from the Eastmyr, began the enterprise that would become the Vorguryn Trading Company, on nothing more than the wages of a poor lichen farmer. Now they are known throughout the city, and even in a few nearby cities, as one of the wealthiest, most prestigious slave traders in the Underdark.

The famous slaver is gone, but his company survives. The drow of Menzoberranzan are just as happy, more even, to do business with Matron Caleylquiri. Some say what she lacks in skill with the slaves, she more than makes up for in savvy. They’re not wrong. The Vorguryn Trading Company is more wealthy and more powerful than ever, and it’s star is rising. The Vorguryn brand has become one of the most noticeable things in all of Mezoberranzan. Any slave above that of a common laborer is considered second class if it does not bear the markings of training in that house. Training in this house has become one of the surest ways for the slave-born to be placed into a powerful noble house.

This year, when the city celebrates is newest graduating class from Tier Breche, one of the most sought after gifts for any graduate will be a slave trained in House Vorguryn.

Might 1
Favor 2
Wealth 4
Members 3
Soldiers 50
Slaves *
*House Vorguryn actually has hundreds of slaves at any given time. Those that are ready for potential sale are house with the family in Narbondellyn. Stock that is too unrefined to present are kept in a cavern in the Wanderways, close to the slave pens of Eastmyr. Few if any of these slaves are fit for combat, however.

House Vorguryn’s chief rival is the Brown Mushroom Coster. Funded by a cadre of noble houses, including Barrison Del’armgo, Fey-Branche, and Hunzrin, this clan specializes in high risk trade between Menzoberranzan and distant drow enclaves throughout the Underdark. Now, the Coster is starting to squeeze Vorguryn for protection money, as high-value slaves bound for Menzoberranzan must pass through miles of dangerous wilderness in the Underdark before reaching their destination, and safety.

Vorguryn’s closest ally is the Krenirahc merchant clan. It’s aged matron, Xunymma, still has a soft spot after all these years for the company started by her old business partner. She may not have fared as well her ally, but Xunymma has done well enough with the skills she learned working with the old lichen farmer and the business left over by customers not looking to pay Vorguryn’s high prices. For the moment, it seems, Xunymma is content to live in the shadow of the Vorguryn name. The two merchant matrons are on good terms, even going so far on several occasions as hosting friendly competitions between the slaves produced by their respective houses.

Figure of Note

  • Matron Caleylquiri Vorguryn, Rogue 9
  • First Daughter Tel’lyr, Student of Arach-Tinilith, Cleric 1 (played by Catharine Robinweiler)
  • House Wizard Nerrolvir, Adept of Sorcere, Wizard 5

Vorghuryn Trading Co

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