Vahadarr Clan

Might 5
Favor 1
Wealth 1
Members 3
Soldiers 0
Slaves 1000*
*This is the only number that has been confirmed in any one battle where the Vahadarr were present. The true number may be much larger.

Once, a vassal of House Oblodra, once that house was destroyed, the Vahadarr were assumed defunct. Their eldest ranking female, Sszolgnolu, was killed in the destruction of Oblodra, as well as both daughters, one of which was in Arach-Tinilith at the time (the Baenre are thorough). However, several years ago, an attack deep in the Clawrift on Black Claw holdings by a company of mind flayer led drow was repelled by a large force of slave-trained warriors, unidentified at the time, but afterward laying claim to the Vahadarr family name. Their leader was a drow, named Oloryl.

Oloryl was not among the number of house nobles claimed by the Oblodra before their destruction, therefore their noble status is not recognized.

Their numbers are quite real, however. Since the Clawrift, the Vahadarr have appeared many times, turning the tide with obscene number of slave-trained warriors, on the side of what would have appeared as the weaker side. Most assume there is money changing hands and Oloryl the leader of an unlawful mercenary house. It may be “unlawful” but it’s hard to argue with results.

One of the things that makes it hard for anyone in Menzoberranzan to destroy or absorb this clan of mercenaries is that no one knows where they live. Oloryl himself is often seen in the nastier taverns of the Eastmyr and the Braeryn, presumably conducting business with future clients. His force of warriors on the other hand are never seen until they are needed. They appear from nowhere, drow, goblins, duergar, and a variety of other humanoid races, swarm their enemies and then disappear just as soon as the battle is won. They must be housed somewhere is Menzoberranzan. There are plenty of places to hide, after all, from the bewildering passages of the Wanderways, to the depths of the Clawrift, to the abandoned Overways of the Duthcloim, to the great Underways and cisterns hundreds of feet below cavern floor.

Figures of Note

  • Captain Oloryl, Weapon Master, Fighter 9
  • Captain ???, Student of Melee-Magthere, Ranger 1 (played by Jason Rawlins)
  • Captain ???, Student of Melee-Magthere, Rogue 1 (played by Rocky Mazzeo)

Vahadarr Clan

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