Trickery Domain

The trickster is an ever present figure in religious lore. Some deities embody the trickster himself. Others are simply devious or wicked in nature. Choose this domain if you want a doctrine that embraces cunning, deception, and guile.

Master of Deceit

You have advantage on all CHA rolls made to bluff.

Channel Divinity: False Image

Beginning at 2nd level you can expend one use of your channel divinity class feature to cast the spell mirror image. Beginning at 8th level you can use channel divinity to cast Polymorph on yourself.

Charmed Existence

Followers of the Trickery Domain work from the shadows, avoiding blame whenever possible. Their very natures, however, tend to attract the enmity of those that have fallen victim to their schemes. There are plenty of cautionary tales of tricksters who have been found out and cut to ribbons by angry mobs. More often it seems the tricksters get away, somehow, without a scratch.

Whenever anyone makes a direct attack against you and misses, you can use your reaction to make a Dexterity saving throw with disadvantage. The DC of the saving throw is the attack roll result. If you succeed the attacker no longer believes it is possible to succeed on such attacks. They may still cause you harm in indirect attacks, such as fireball and other area spells, traps, etc…

This effect lasts for one hour or until they see you hit with a direct attack from someone else. If you fail on your saving throw the attacker is immune to this effect until they see it work on someone else.

Domain Spells
  1. Disguise Self
  2. Invisibility
  3. Pass Without Trace
  4. Confusion
  5. Seeming
  6. Scrying
  7. Mass Invisibility
  8. Maze
  9. Time Stop

Trickery Domain

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