Lolth, also known as the Demon Queen of Spiders, the Mistress of Lies, and the Lady of Shadows, is a cruel, capricious goddess who revels in betrayal and bloodshed. The Spider Queen demands absolute obedience from the drow, presiding over their manifold schemes and betrayals, and is sovereign over all arachnids. Lolth’s favor is fickle; she manipulates those in her service and expends them without thought.

Lolth favors the guise of a lithe drow woman dressed in a gossamer gown woven from spider silk. Her long silvery hair frames a face of exquisite beauty and cascades down her back. This appearance is a deception, however: Lolth’s true form is that of an enormous arachnid with a body bloaded on the souls of her petitioners, and the torso and head of a drow.

Lolth’s home is the Demonweb Pits. Her domains are Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Drow, Destruction, and Trickery. Lolth claimed the Fate domain as well until it was taken by the Raven Queen.

For more detail on the dogma of her clergy, see The Way of Lolth.


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