House Millithor


House Millithor enjoys standing as one of the oldest family names in Menzoberranzan. Only a handful of other families can trace their founding before House Millithor. They have lolng enjoyed the favor of The Spider Queen, but their star was waned over the years. A series of costly ventures have left the family’s resources depleted, and their position in the city vulnerable. House Millithor stands upon a precipice. A single failure at this time could spell disaster. One decisive victory could restore it to its former power.

Matron Ki’willis Millithor is first and foremost militaristic. Her propensity for direct, violent action when resolving conflict means the swords of her house are accustomed to action. Warriors of this house enjoy a slightly higher than normal standing, as long as they prove effective, since Ki’willis enjoys nothing more than seeing one her enemies brought under the knife of one of her soldiers.

Matron Ki’willis is also quite decadent, a trait for which the ancestors of House Millithor are also remembered. Even with their coffers dwindling, she insists on holding very lavish and very costly illiyitrii (“promenade”), formal gatherings where everyone dresses in exotic clothing, dances, drinks, gloats over their latest conquests, and conspires to hatch new ones.

Might: 2
Favor: 3
Wealth: 2
Nobles: 8
Soldiers: 150
Slaves: 200

Since their founding, the Millithor have had a rivalry with House Nurbonnis. Matron Nadallas Bonnine Nurbonnis was actually a classmate of Ki’willis at the Academy. It is no secret the two future matrons spend a great deal of time in Arach Tinilith attempting to kill eachother. Ki’willis was convinced that if she murdered the daughter of her family’s great rival she would be admired by her instructors, and the Spider Queen would give her wealth and power. Unfortunately for both houses, neither was successful. Both priestesses ascended to lead their families as Matron Mothers, each with a seething hatred for the other.

Over a century has passed and the old rivalry has come to a steady boil. Ever escalating actions in a covert war have led many to believe that it is only a matter of time before one of these houses launches a direct assault on the other. During the course of this war, House Millithor has also earned the enmity of Houses Barrison Del’armgo and Oblodra. The latter was destroyed during the Time of Troubles, but Del’armgo has not forgotten old grudges and they continue to be a dangerous foe.

Figures of Note

  • Matron Ki’willis Millithor, High Priestess of Lolth, Cleric 9
  • First Daughter Narcelia, Priestess of Lolth, Paladin 5
  • Second Daughter Cercelon, Priestess of Lolth, Cleric 5
  • Third Daughter ???, Priestess of Lolth, Cleric 1 (played by Jenn Rawlins)
  • Fourth Daughter Viconia, Initiate, Cleric 0
  • Adopted Daughter ???, Dread Fang of Lolth, Monk 1 (played by John)
  • House Wizard Dwillisith, Adept of Sorcere, Wizard 5
  • Elderboy Mer Malaxle, Weapon Master, Fighter 6
  • Secondboy Vuz, Warrior, Rogue 3
  • Fourthboy Zak’nidiirn, Warrior, Fighter 3
  • Adopted Son Uzryne’omph Ka’tan, Adept of Sorcere, Wizard 1

House Millithor

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