Chaos Domain

The power of chaos is the oldest in the universe. It threatens to unravel all the great works of civilization. It is entropy held at bay only through vigilance and great sacrifice. Many predict it is the power of chaos that will inevitably reclaim all of creation and end the world. The factions that promote chaos include demons, primordials, denizens of the far realm, and a few of the more bloodthirsty deities.

Channel Divinity: Bloodlust

Starting at 2nd level you can expend one use of your channel divinity class feature to infuse those you choose within 25 feet with primordial rage. As an action you invoke the true names of elemental powers and beseech them to unleash their savage thirst for blood and use your hands do perform their sacred work.

Unwilling participants may make a Wisdom saving throw to resist. The effect lasts while you maintain concentration, up to one minute.

Those affected by bloodlust gain the following benefits and limitations:

  • Advantage on all strength based checks, attack rolls, and saving throws.
  • Increase move speed by 20 feet.
  • Immune to fear, charm, and mind-affecting spells.
  • Cannot use reactions except to make opportunity attacks.
  • Cannot cast spells.
  • Must make a melee attack each round or mutilate your own flesh, inflicting 1d8+STR slashing damage. This damage cannot be resisted and allows unwilling participants another saving throw.

Disciple of Chaos

The character learns the field of forbidden lore. You are no ordinary scholar of occult practices, however. You delve into the mysteries of chaos with intent to make contact with unspeakable beings and possess their knowledge. You will stumble upon mysterious, horrible truths about the universe, its origins, and the forces at work. Digging deeper could lead to great power, but it could also unravel your mind.

After making an INT check to recall forbidden lore, look at the time. If any of the numbers present in your check result are also present in the current time, you have stumbled upon a piece of the terrible truth. The GM will roll on the table below titled, “What have I discovered?” The GM will then roll some dice, choose the exact nature of your discovery from the indicated list, select an appropriate consequence from the Unravel Your Mind list, and then pose the following question, preferably while steepling his fingers and wearing an evil grin, “Do you want to know more?”

Your characters soul, not to mention playability, now hangs in the balance – along side tasty, tasty forbidden knowledge, of course. If the answer is no, the GM discards the result, and you do your best to attempt to forget this opportunity, for it will not come again. If the answer is yes, on the other hand, you will most likely first receive the reward of the GM’s approving expression. Then, you receive whatever knowledge you have uncovered. Finally, you must resolve any effects, roll any saving throws, and take any damage associated with the consequence of this terrible discovery.

roll 1d6 Pick from…
1-3 Intriguing Mysteries
4-5 The Deeper Well
6 Should’na aughta read that scroll
Intriguing Mysteries
  • Discover a cipher to a previously unknown exotic language.
  • Learn the location of a local cult.
  • Gain access to a new ritual.
  • A map to the resting place of a forgotten relic.
  • The truth about a previously speculative method for dealing with the supernatural.
The Deeper Well
  • Learn the true name of a demon.
  • Uncover a pact made between a local figure and an infernal being.
  • The location of a portal between this world and another.
  • Read an ancient prophesy that foretells the birth or death of a god.
  • Book of horrible magics…
Should’na aughta read that scroll…
  • Ability to see into an adjacent plane.
  • Find a list of signs of the apocalypse with some already checked off.
  • The secrets of apotheosis.
  • The day and time of your own death.
  • Hear the voice of a deity.
Unraveling Your Mind

On a failed Wisdom saving throw…

  • You inadvertently agree to perform a task for an infernal being.
  • Lose a random prepared spell.
  • Take psychic damage.
  • Ability score drained.
  • Reduced to gibbering nutter, per the feeblemind spell.
  • Develop physical manifestation of chaos (tentacles, extra limbs, skin disorders, etc..)
  • Shift unwillingly to another plane of existence.
  • Attract a random aberrant creature.
Domain Spells
Spell Level Domain Spell
1 protection from law
2 thunderwave
3 dispel magic
4 confusion
5 blight

Chaos Domain

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