Bregan D'aerthe

Bregan D’aerthe is led by an unusual male rake named Jarlaxle, an individual whom most in the city would name among Menzoberranzan’s most powerful males. Through the organization’s intricate network of scouts and spies, Jarlaxle is apprised of nearly everything that happens – or soon will happen – within Menzoberranzan or its environs. Few understand those conflicting gray areas of morality and pragmatism better than the eccentric leader of Bregan D’aerthe. Every week Jarlaxle changes his base of operation, and he seldom travels without a secret escort of at least six highly skilled and unquestioningly loyal lieutenants.

Might 3
Favor 1
Wealth 4
Members 150
Slaves 0

Despite engaging in such illicit trades as assassination, espionage, smuggling, and kidnapping, Bregan D’aerthe is first and foremost a for-profit enterprise. Although secretive, Bregan D’aerthe has been known to engage in open warfare if the payout is significant. In one famous engagement, the mercenary band even aided in an assault against a noble house, only to switch sides halfway though the conflict upon receiving a better offer from the besieged matron mother.

It is in Bregan D’aerthe’s financial interest to sow instability and chaos throughout the city. Because where there is conflict, there is war, and wars are won through superior numbers and strength of arms – and Bregan D’aerthe supplies both. The most lucrative ventures for the mercenary company are the inter house conflicts between two noble families. Few know that many of these feuds were ignited at the whim of Jarlaxle himself, one spoken falsehood or incriminating document at a time.

Bregan D’aerthe is crewed mainly by rogue male drow drawn from the lower ranks of the major houses and from the tattered remnants of destroyed houses. Jarlaxle has more respect for non-drow than most drow nobles do, and the company’s members also include hobgoblins and bugbears. With profit his primary concern, Jarlaxle doesn’t let pride stand in the way of accepting a talented warrior, wizard, or tracker into his band.

Bregan D'aerthe

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