Zak'nidiirn Millithor



Warrior, Fighter 3
Traits: insightful, sadistic, fascinated


Zak’nidiirn will make a fine Weapon Master one day, if he lives. He has the same taste for violence as his eldest brother. He fights just like him. He just isn’t yet as experienced a fighter. He has realized, unlike many more self-preserving males, that his life is expendable. Rather than spend his hours thinking of way to survive, he places his life in the hands of fate. It is well known that he will accept any challenge, from any other warrior in the city, regardless of rank or station, or skill for that matter. He has been fortunate so far. In his latest duel, he was challenged by the Weapon Master of House Barrison Del’armgo, one of Millithor’s most dangerous enemies. That such a skilled warrior challenged Zak’nidiirn is bad enough. Worse, this particular warrior is thought to be one of the largest drow specimens ever recorded. At over six feet tall and more than 200 pounds of muscle and steel, Uthegentel, should have made quick work of the younger warrior. Zak’nidiirn’s unbreakable will and refusals to surrender even when death was certain, impressed Uthegentel, and he did not kill him. Zak’nidiirn is only now recovering from his wounds, which were so numerous the slaves of House Millithor were nearly sucked dry replacing his lost blood. Instead of making him more cautious, it seems he is even more convinced of his destiny. The invitation to challenge still stands. It’s only a matter of time before Uthegentel hears about Zak’nidiirn’s unwillingness to admit defeat and returns to finish him.

Zak'nidiirn Millithor

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