Vuz Millithor



Warrior, Rogue 3
Traits: ambitious, carefree, gambler


As a warrior in House Millithor, Vuz has a degree of latitude other males of his station would not otherwise have, and he enjoys every moment of it. He antagonizes his eldest sister more than he should. He challenges Mer Malaxle’s authority as the house’s most powerful warrior constantly. So far his actions have been tolerated. The only one of his siblings he seems to enjoy is Cercelon, whose tastes for pleasure align well with his own. Her access to the house’s coffers don’t hurt their relationship either. Because of this, has agreed to act as her personal assassin more than once. Recently, several representatives of merchant clans within the city have sent messages to Matron Ki’willis regarding her son’s debts. This has curtailed Vuz’s extracurricular activity to some extent, but he finds other ways to use his family’s resources for his own profit. There are several merchant clans in the Narbondellyn which could use the backing of a noble house, for instance.

Vuz Millithor

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