Uzryne'omph Ka'tan

Student of Sorcere


Adept of Sorcere, Wizard 1
Traits: quiet, practical, gifted


Uzryne’omph is the son of a lesser branch of the Millithor name, a cousin if you will. He has been sponsored by his noble relatives and entered the Tower of Sorcere as an initiate of remarkable talent. He should be graduating soon and upon being released of the Academy it is thought he will replace the current Millithor House Wizard, for whom there is no love lost. Uzryne’omph has no desire to see his predecessor so carelessly tossed aside. He also does not like the thought of taking the post anyone who was so disrespected during his tenure, as to give suspicion that wizards are just not well respected in general. This is not true, of course. Ki’willis understands the value of a talented wizard represents to her house. Nevertheless, Uzryne’omph is quietly but quickly seeking alliances within the children of Ki’willis Millithor, to ensure he is not friendless in the spider’s lair.

Uzryne'omph Ka'tan

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