Tel' lyr of Merchant House Vorghuryn

The only daughter of House Vorghuryn, Tel' lyr is the first scion of her house to attend school at Teir Breche. Tel' lyr would be the first priestess Matron of House Vorghuryn...if she lives...


AC: 16/18 Speed: 30 Init: 2 Size: Medium
HP: 11 Hit Dice: 1D8 Vision: Dark Lang: Common, Undercommon, Elvish, Drow, +1 other

Weapons: longbow, shortbow, longsword, shortsword, hand crossbow

Str: 16/3
Dex: 14/2
Con: 16/3
Int: 12/1
Wis: 17/3
Cha: 12/1

Feats: Distant Spell – cast touch spells up to 24ft away.

Channel Divinity – disappearing trick
Cantrips (at will): Minor illusion, guidance, restistance, cure minor, mending, light, darkness





Tel' lyr of Merchant House Vorghuryn

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