Sinzyr'd do'Vorguryn

Male Dark Elf Wizard


*Common clothes
*Flask of rot gut
*Thick Gloves
*Healer’s Kit
*Vile of paralysis/fake death potion



Sinzyr’d is cold and calculating with a deep seated seething anger that he rarely let’s escape unchecked in obvious ways however he has been known to be especially cruel to slaves and lesser beings in the underdark. He strives to overcome his humble beginnings and rise into a position of power within a powerful and respected house.

Sinzyr’d moves slowly and with intention, almost theatrically, but is capable of viscous speed and intensity when provoked. He strives to know deep arcane secrets of other planes and he seeks to dominate creatures of all walks for his own desires.

Sinzyr'd do'Vorguryn

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