Oloryl Vahadarr

Captain of Vahadarr Mercenaries


Fighter 9
Traits: cunning, shifty, ambitious


Oloryl is not the first rogue mercenary to get his start from the ashes of a fallen house. He is the newest, though. His slave company is also one of the largest, in number at least, known to exist in Menzoberranzan. With slave soldiers numbering at least 1,000, Oloryl is in command of a force that rivals some of the houses on the ruling council. Because of this notoriety, he as become a figure of some “note” in the City of Spiders.

Few have seen the face of Oloryl in the light. Some say he is horribly scarred from the battle that destroyed is matron house. Most of the time the only thing visible is the violet glow of his eyes or the glint of a twisted smile beneath the shadows of his cloak. He is recognizable, however, from the clan sigil still proudly displayed on his person.

Taking a page from Jarlaxle, a male in a similar position, Oloryl has resorted to working mostly through intermediaries. Two males, ? and ?, do most of the negotiating for the Vahadarr, although Oloryl is known to appear from time to time in the darkest of Brearyn taverns. What his motives are, if any, beyond simple wealth cannot be guessed, but several matrons have started to whisper the name Vahadarr in the same breath as heretic factions, such as the Jaezred Chaulssin. If nothing else, Oloryl is probably seeking friends in high places, to avoid being targeted by temple inquisitors.

Reliable Rumor: Oloryl is seeking to ally with the Matron of House Barrison Del’armgo, who has been looking for a good counter to the Baenre sponsored Bregan D’aerthe for many years.

Oloryl Vahadarr

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