Nerrolvir Vorghuryn

House Wizard, brother of Matron Caleylquiri


Wizard 5
Traits: observant, calculating, independent


Nerrolvir grew up in the exciting realm of Menzoberranyr merchants. He learned quickly to read the intentions of those around him, which lead to a place as a useful assistant during negotiations in his house. In time he learned how to weave magic, and even apprenticed for a year with one of the wizards in the Duthcloim that was allied with the Vorguryn.

He and his sister were always close growing up. They both talked of what great and mighty things they would do when they were older and had power. Nerrolvir always talked about the mighty spells he would know after attending the academy at Sorcere. But as they matured, and no sponsorship came for his education, that dream began to fade away, the harsh realities of a career in commodities trading coming more and more into focus.

When his sister offered him a shot at his long lost dream, he could not have been more surprised. Nerrolvir devoured all the knowledge he could from his masters in Sorcere. Every lesson, every harsh beating, and every deadly experiment was a chance to grow stronger, more powerful. When he emerged from the academy he knew that his journey was forever altered, and that it had just begun.

Now he serves his sister as Matron Mistress. His family is very different from the one from his childhood, and that’s a good thing. It seems nothing is out of reach now.

Reliable Rumor: It is whispered that Nerrolvir is often summoned to House Xorlarrin for private consultation with their Master of Slaves.

Nerrolvir Vorghuryn

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