Narcelia Millithor

Priestess of Lolth


Priestess of Lolth, Paladin 5
Traits: pious, serious, brutal


Narcelia reflects the militaristic nature of her mother. While honey is often dripping from the lips of Matron Ki’willis, Narcelia is never far, an ever present mailed fist behind the velvet glove. Narcelia loves only one thing more than her house, and that is the Queen of Spiders. Narcelia was always a serious child, but after returning from Arach Tinilith she was different. She sees herself an unflinching weapon made to serve Lolth. Her mother has found her quite useful in the affairs of House Millithor. If anything, Narcelia has been critical of the matron’s unwillingness to attack her enemies directly. There is no question in her mind that House Millithor enjoys the favor of the Spider Queen, and waiting for sure victories is only thing that will jeopardize it.

Reliable Rumor: Nercelia is rarely seen in the company of male drow outside of official functions. Most suspect that she prefers to take females as lovers. It can be noticed, Nercelia has an eerily cheerful mood anytime she has spent a few hours in the company of, Umraeonia, a daughter from the Ke’tan side of the family.

Narcelia Millithor

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