Mer Malaxle Millithor

Weapon Master


Warrior, Fighter 6
Traits: loyal, sadistic, overconfident


Mer Malaxle is the Elderboy of House Millithor. He was Ki’willis’s first child and only child born before she became Matron. He has always enjoyed a place of special favor among Ki’willi’s children. Some might make the mistake of concluding she favors him above even her daughters. No matter how affectionate she may appear toward her first son, the matron of House Millithor understand he is still a weapon, nothing more. What this affection has bought, however, is a skilled warrior that does not question her orders. Mer Malaxle is fanatically devoted to his family. His attacks against Millithor’s enemies have ever been those of a superior force crushing a weaker foe. So far, the quality of his house’s soldiers have brought victory in those attacks, but they have also brought attrition. The might of House Millithor is now less than half what it once was. Mer Malaxle refuses to change his strategy. He knows that his mother will find a way to bolster their numbers, because she must. To learn the ways of a weaker warrior would not be a worthy use of time.

Mer Malaxle Millithor

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