Matron Ki'willis Millithor

High Priestess of Lolth


High Priestess of Lolth, Cleric 9
Traits: attractive, pleasant, fiery temper


Ki’willis is over 600 years old, but does not yet show any hint of her age. She is normally quite pleasant and affectionate. Her children understand her demeanor has little to do with her true feelings for those she has dealing with, however. Pleasant words are just as likely to be followed with hateful violence, for anyone who displeases her. This simple manner has been very effective at both attracting and maintaining the loyalty of capable warriors within the house.

Reliable Rumor: It is said that the only member of her family she ever sacrificed to Lolth, was her third born son. During the ceremony, Ki’willis is alleged to have wept, and was not seen for many days after. The fact is, no other child of Matron Ki’willis has been sacrificed since.

Matron Ki'willis Millithor

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