Dwillisith Millithor

House Wizard


Adept of Sorcere, Wizard 5
Traits: paranoid, obsequious, resentful


Dwillisith is last generation’s adopted son, and one of the only drow in the house Matron Ki’willis did not murder or exile from the house when ascended to the throne. If it were not for the house wizard, Millithor would almost certainly be ruined already. Dwillisith has a keen eye for wealth and manages, just barely, to keep his adopted family from going broke despite its extravagant demands. He is also responsible for maintaining the wards and other arcane defenses around house’s holdings. Unlike the house’s warriors, for whom the matron seems to have abundant love, Ki’willis has very little to say that is kind about or to Dwillisith. It is only too obvious that Uzryne’omph was adopted to replace the aging house wizard as soon as he is able.

Dwillisith Millithor

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