Cercelon Millithor

Priestess of Lolth


Priestess of Lolth, Cleric 5
Traits: free spirit, colorful, spends money


If Narcelia embodies her mother’s need for violent conflict, Cercelon is her decadence. The second daughter of House Millithor spends most of her time ensuring her mother’s social affairs are well regarded in Menzoberranzan. Lavish parties, and intimate soirees are her specialty. It is no wonder that half of the merchants and traders in the city see Cercelon as the face of House Millithor. She dresses in the bright orange of her family’s ancestral colors, has unusually long hair down to her knees, and has no time for the scions of House Millithor who want her to curtail spending the house’s fortune.

Reliable Rumor: A frequent jest when she is not present to hear, is that her famous pet rinty, named “Tickles”, and upon which she is often seen doting, is actually a former lover. They say she could not bear to be parted from him, and when her mother commanded that she cast him aside, she secretly had him transmuted into a miniature lizard. The creepy thing is, the creature’s eyes are the same color as the drow who was her lover, a light violet with flecks of azure.

Cercelon Millithor

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