Caleylquiri Vorguryn

Matron Mistress of The Vorguryn Trading Co.


Rogue 9
Traits: greedy, pious, humble


Bred from the cutthroat merchants clans of the Duthcloim, Caleylquiri has woven her own destiny from the threads of opportunity before her. The strange thing is this success has not made her arrogant. Quite the opposite. When she speaks of it, which is rare, she appears incredibly humbled that Lolth has shown her family so much favor. When she talks about seizing control of House Vorguryn, it’s as if she had no choice. It was simply the destiny the Queen of Spiders had in store, and it would have been blasphemy to refuse.

She remembers her old consort fondly, but makes no secret of the fact she is open to a new one. She plans on ensuring her blessed daughter receives her full attention for the moment, but wants to make sure she has siblings eventually. To that end she will need a mate. With the riches of her company in the bargain, she has plenty of suitors.

Reliable Rumor: Caleylquiri murdered her last consort and her daughter is actually the offspring of her brother, the House Wizard.

Caleylquiri Vorguryn

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